The Young Christian Fellowship (YCF) cater for adults from age 21.The main purpose of this group is to build on teachings of the Church providing Fellowship, encouragement through cotemporary discussions prayer sessions and social activites.


YCF Lets

YCF Lets monthly programme is held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month between 7 and 9, The programme includes

  • YCF lets discuss
  • YCF lets pray
  • YCF lets Praise Him etc

YCF lets discuss’ often include contemporary topics – recent topics have included

  • Believers struggle with sin
  • Physical attraction vs Spiritual values

YCF Choir

The choir perform regularly at Easter, Church anniversary, International day, Choir day and perform as part of the church mass choir. The group meets every Tuesday to practise (except on the 3rd Tuesday when YCF Lets holds)


This groups holds various social activities during the summer including theme park visits, Singing jamboree etc


February 14 never passes unnoticed at CAC Surrey Docks, it has always been a night to remember for the past 5 years, outings have included boat evening and other evenings packed with fun in various restaurants.

EXAM revision

During exam session, YCF organises revision classes for Key stage 2, GCSE and A/level students.