A brief on the Workers’ Forum of C.A.C. Surrey Docks
The forum is an umbrella where which all workers in the various departments of the church meet for different activities. Its main aim is to foster unity within the church’s workforce and to work together for the overall wellbeing of the church.

The individual departments have their meeting schedules, but the forum is a common ground for the members of the various departments to fraternize, share experience, offer suggestions and to proffer solution on problematic issues that affect each department. Issues that are not resolvable by the forum and suggestions for church growth and development as related to the departments are passed to the church authorities for consideration.

The highlights of the activities of the forum are as follows:

1. Interactive Sessions
This is about bringing up for discussion interwoven biblical and contemporary issues that can help Christians, workers in particular in their walk/work with God. Any unresolved Sunday school issue may be tabled for discussion under this session as well.

2. Workshop Sessions
It is obvious that the feature of ‘professionalism’ is lacking within the church’s workforce. The workshop session is about organising training sessions on workers’ church duties aimed at bringing about professionalism into workers various roles in the church. It will embrace symposia, lectures and seminars. To facilitate this, resource persons from within and outside C.A.C. Surrey Docks District will be used in this regard.

3. ‘Talk-shop’ Sessions
This is about inter-departmental appraisal. No department can by itself discover all its faults. It will be ensured that this exercise is not carried out in a ‘fault-finding’ or ‘witch-haunting’ manner as to hurt people’s feelings. But it will be a forum to correct our short-comings department by department in love and to suggest what each department can do to improve its performance for the overall good of the church.
4. Workers’ Praise Night
Once or twice in a year, the workers will have a night devoted mainly to praise the LORD.

5. Film Show Sessions
It is in the plan of activities that there will be film shows on issues relevant to working in the Lord’s vine yard, from which we believe one thing or the other will be learnt to enhance workers’ proficiency, dedication and commitment.

6. Prayer Sessions
Prayer sessions will be slotted in periodically in the yearly programme/activities. Efforts will also be made to take a trip to any prayer recourse centre at least once yearly in this connection.

7. Appreciation Night
This will come towards the end of the year. It is designed to be a day of appreciating workers generally and particularly those who have performed outstandingly in each department, based on the recommendation of departmental heads. The Senior Pastor will be expected to express his appreciation on this occasion. Light refreshment is expected to be provided.

8. Workers’ Sunday
We expect this Sunday to be for workers’ rededication to the LORD’s work, while opportunity will be given to those who have not enlisted as workers to do so.