Vision Statement

“Empowering souls and imparting lives.” The Biblical basis of this, is Luke 4:18-19.

Mission Statements

The Mission statements are derived from Matthew 18:18-28 and Acts 2:42 and anchored on five (5) ministerial fields tagged; ‘5 Ws’ namely: Witnessing, Worship, Word, Welfare and Warfare.


These are as presented and expained below:

Word: To build a Pentecostal Church of dedicated and matured believers who are dynamic, walking in the fruit of the Spirit and demonstrating the gifts of the Holy Spirit through the application of God’s word.

Worship: To raise up winners, full of joy, holiness and assurance of salvation, irrespective of their age, gender, colour, education, cultural or socio-economic status.

Welfare: To put into operation practical, purposeful, spiritual and community oriented programmes/ministries.

Witness: To penetrate and saturate Great Britain, Europe and the rest of the World with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Warfare: To maintain and to keep the unity of the Body of Christ with other Bible-believing Church of Christ in our environment and around the world. (To raise people who love prayer and are committed to praying both privately and publicly).