40 DAYS PRAYER AND FASTING DAY 1 – Praise God, the source and supplier of all happiness and joy

Monday 28/10/19

Evangelist Funmilayo Oguntade

John 3:27 John answered and said, “A man can receive nothing unless it has been given to him from heaven.

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

Welcome and congratulations for the Joy Unspeakable, great blessings, breakthroughs, open doors, blessings, freedom, deliverances, healings, promotions, miracles and reawakening awaiting us all in this year’s 40 days’ prayer and fasting program with the theme JOY UNSPEAKABLE. The best place to start this great time of spiritual refreshment will be to show appreciation to our good immutable God from whom all blessings and joy flow.

Every good and perfect gift that we receive comes from the hand of God. Our salvation, life, our families, our talent, treasure, time and everything good comes from the Father of heavenly lights. And God does not change like shifting shadows for He is consistently faithful and dependable.

We have not always experienced such consistency and purity in our earthly relationships. Some gifts that we have received have come with strings attached and people that we have trusted in have changed like shifting shadows. But God is not like that. He is the giver of good gifts and He never changes. Never. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. His love is not fickle or conditional, His gifts are showered on us, not because we have earned them, but because He loves to give good gifts to the ones He adores. Every golden sunrise is a token of Father’s affection. All of creation bears witness to His love and His majesty.

This amazing goodness of God should motivate us daily to a lifestyle of praise, worship and thanksgiving. It should also stir our hearts to trust and obey him always and at all times. I can think of no better worship than offering Him your complete life on this day. If you have turned your back on God or if you have never trusted in Him at all, make this a day of renewal in which you fall in love with Him again, a day in which you verbally commit to Him, that your life is His to do as He pleases, and that you will seek His will first and foremost. Appreciation of the unchanging ever faithful God as the giver and the real owners of everything is the great key to enjoying God’s Unspeakable Joy perpetually.



  1. Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thank You for Your perfect love and kindness throughout this year. Thank You for making us alive for the dead cannot praise You. I enter Your gate with thanksgiving, open Your court wide for me always in Jesus’ name (Jeremiah 33:3; John 6:37).
  2. Gracious Father, I praise You. You cause the grass to grow for cattle and vegetation for the service of man. Thanks for Your wonders of supply of my needs. I am so grateful, Lord (Psalm 104:14; Matthew 5:43-45).
  3. Father, we praise Your holy name. You gladden our hearts with the wine of Your pleasure and make our face shine with the oil of gladness in Jesus’ name (Psalm 104:15).
  4. Abba Father, we thank You for the provision of bread that strengthens our heart, causing happiness and joy to flow ceaselessly. We praise You in Jesus’ name (Psalm 104:15).
  5. I praise You, Father of love, for being the great Provider who supplies all my needs. Lord, our heart is full of joy and appreciation to You, in Jesus’ name (Psalm 145:16).
  6. Lord, thank You for Your great love. When we were lost in sin, You provided redemption with Your precious blood. We are now free to serve and praise Your holy name in Jesus’ name (Psalm 77:15; I Peter 1:18-19).
  7. It is written: “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights…” Thank You Lord for the gift of salvation, joy, peace and love in Jesus’ name (Romans 5:8; 2 Timothy 1:8-9).
  8. Omniscient God, we praise Your name. You know our pains and sorrow that can rob us of joy and happiness. You have taken them out of the way. Thank You Lord in Jesus’ name (Exodus 3:7-8; John 16:20-22).
  9. Omnipresent God, we thank You for the assurance of Your presence on our journey of faith. Your presence has sustained us thus far and will lead us to the end. We will not miss rapture in Jesus’ name (Exodus 33:14; Matthew 28:20b).
  10. Omnipotent God, we thank You. You are a Man of war. By Your power, You dried up the Red Sea and pulled down the Jericho wall down flat. Your people possessed their promised land. You will do the same for us during this 40-days’ prayer in Jesus’ name (Exodus 15:3; Obadiah 1:17).
  11. Jehovah Shalom, You are the Prince and the Giver of peace. Without You, there is no lasting peace, joy and happiness. Thank You for giving us Your peace that guarantees our joy and happiness in Jesus’ name (Judges 6:24; John 14:27).
  12. Lord Jesus, You are the Prince of peace. I praise You for being the peace in the midst of every storm. Great is Your faithfulness Lord in Jesus’ name (Mark 4:36-39; Phil. 4:6-7).
  13. Father, we thank You for our marriages and the joy of family life. You have destroyed the yokes of singleness, barreness and joylessness. To You alone be the glory and honour in Jesus’ name (Genesis 2:18; Deut. 7:14; I Cor. 7:1-2).
  14. Lord, I thank You for the nutritional provisions and the ability to eat and drink. Many cannot do this. I am grateful to You Lord in Jesus’ name (Eccl. 5:19; Joel 2:26; John 21:12-13).
  15. Lord, I praise You because this is my Year of overflowing joy and unstoppable happiness. Your word will spread throughout this nation and multitude shall come into the kingdom rejoicing. Our city shall again spread out through prosperity in Jesus’ name (Acts 13:48-52; Rom. 15:13; Obadiah 1:17).

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